Everything is play.

Everything is play. Sometimes we just get stuck in that vicious cycle between pushing dullness into the top priority and getting lost in self-punishment and self-depreciation. I am letting go of self-depreciation. I AM ENOUGH! … Even when i am not particularly feeling useful, even when I am doing nothing. I am letting go of seeking meaning in life by constantly diving into activities. I am letting go of busy, busy … And slowly, gently I take miniscule steps towards the center of calm… where serene, empty canvas waiting for me to touch the heart of the unknown.

about me … hmm … need to think about it! thinking, thinking …

I am still thinking about it…
Let me just put my thinking hat! AH-hhhh…  This is better

cat dog


Now need to write something …

Well, I am glad I started ….
My thanks to Nadejda Pommier
http://nadyapommier.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/blog-post_5984.html.  (oops! this is blog to read for later!)

Thank you Nsdejda Pommier, I found you by my morning googling, inspired by my friend  Vikrotorya facebook post

cat dog3

I found yours … http://nadyapommier.blogspot.com.au/2011/02/blog-post_28.html

… with a fabulous heading and subheading …